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You can make a difference to someone’s life and bring a rainbow of joy to the children. Join us as a volunteer !

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Donation Campaigns

Donate to Charity Generously
Private Charity Donation – Your kind and loving donations to charity will help these young cancer patients financially.

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Social support – Give to Charity Carnival

Bring a carefree day filled with joy and fun to the young ones and their families – by organising and inviting them to a carnival or fun fair.

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Children Charity – Our Plan

Children Charity : Bringing love and cheer to the underprivileged and needy children.

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Children Charity – Our 2 main areas of focus in terms of programme activities for this year 2016 :


1. Grow the Volunteer Support Group 

Develop the volunteering spirit and grow the community (our private circle of Ambassadors of Love) who have a special passion for children charities and volunteering work.


Volunteer – Join us as our Ambassador of Love for Children Charity

Are you looking for Charities in Singapore to volunteer your gifts, talents, love and time ?

We can’t do this alone. Join us in this rewarding adventure with the many children charities to bring love and cheer to the underprivileged and needy children.


2. Private Donation Drive (Charity for Children)

Our children charity campaign for the young children looked after by charity organisations for children. This year, we are supporting the Children Cancer Foundation. Let us be their rainbow of cheer and joy.


Children Charity Singapore - Donation to Singapore Children Society

Our Children Charity beginnings in 2014 – Raising private donation funds with 10 sponsors giving $100 each. They each received a special meal gift in appreciation of their kind love.


Our 2016 charity target is to raise S$10,000 before Christmas period to be given to the young cancer patients and their families who are looked after by Children Cancer Foundation Singapore. We are seeking individual sponsors who will be willing to give to this cause. Give to Donation  – Donate Online Now.


List of Charity Organisations that we have supported

You can find out more about us “Gotloveforkidz” and our worldview. Please also check out our facebook archives on the donation and care program delivered since 2014.

  1. Year 2014 – Fundraising for Singapore Children Society
  2. Year 2015 – Fundraising for Cerebral Palsy Association of Singapore (CPAS)


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